Veterans Transitional Housing Shelter Project

A “Transitional Housing Shelter Project” in Bastrop County was heavily supported by the Rotary Club of Bastrop County and supported by some local businesses including Doug’s Plumbing.  The “In The Streets Hands up High” program https://www.itshuh.org/  provides valuable support to people including veterans with challenges such as homelessness, addiction, and employment.    This program is valuable for people in the Bastrop County area but more so during the current COVID pandemic.  This program is “cost effective” for the community by extensive use of volunteer tradesmen, and donated materials to help people transition from various forms of dependencies to self-sufficient members of the community.  One aspect of support has been helping construction of transitional housing shelters for veterans and families.  The transitional housing shelters are a type of “tiny houses” as well as larger units (e.g., for families).    This housing can help residents obtain physical and spiritual support, learn life skills, and ultimately “graduate”. The Rotary Club of Bastrop County leads for this project are Jim Berkner, Rick Nalle, and Michal Hubbard.
This “Veterans Transitional Housing shelter” project was largely successfully completed in 2020 and follow-up support of this valuable community program is planned. 
One follow on project is a “Hydroponics gardening” project for ITS-HUH.  This will provide an opportunity for residents and staff to grow some of their own food and learn innovative gardening technology.
This “Veterans Transitional Housing” project is one clear example of
Rotary “Service Above Self” and the “Four Way Test”.