BBQ Cookoff Festival “Lost Pines BBQ Showdown”

Team Registration

Riverbend Park, Smithville

Memorial Day 2022

Waiver of Liability
In consideration for accepting this entry.  I, the undersigned, intending to legally bound, hereby for myself and my organizational entity, my heirs, my team members, executors and administrators, do hereby Release, indemnify, and hold harmless BBQ Cookoff  “Lost Pines BBQ Showdown”, the event sponsors, the Rotary Club of Bastrop County, the City of Smithville, along with their representatives, successors, employees and volunteers for any claims arising from or during the event.  Including without limitations, all cost, liabilities, judgement, expenses, damages, or reasonable attorney fees.
I hereby grant full permission to BBQ Cookoff “Lost Pines BBQ Showdown”, the Rotary Club of Bastrop, Riverbend Park,  and the City of Smithville, Texas, and/or agents authorized by them to use any photographs, video tapes, motion pictures, recordings, and any other record of the event for any legitimate purpose.

By submitting this form, I agree to the terms of liability, and I will abide by the 2022 Rules and Regulations of the BBQ Cookoff “Lost Pines BBQ Showdown.”
Contact: Joni Thompson (713) 540-1695
Address: 169 Ash St.  Bastrop, TX 78602
Email: jonith348@gmail.com